Magno Wooden Radio, Indonesia



Designer Name: Singgih Susilo Kartono, Magno Design

Project Name: IKoNO Wooden radio

Design Concept: Simplicity, deletion of all unnecessary functions, human connection with objects, local craft.

Its not so much the product I admire, it’s the story and intention behind it. After he received his degree in industrial design, he didn’t want to work in the city as it was too far from his hometown, but there was no work in his hometown, so he decided to make small wooden objects and sell them. Eventually he developed a range of wooden radios that are constructed using traditional techniques and provides work for up to 30 locals craftsmen.


2 thoughts on “Magno Wooden Radio, Indonesia

  1. I think we could do a lot recycle product from wood, timber material, by recycling disposal wood making or old furniture product. Plus, the pattern on the wood could be a good decorative or a natural beauty for an industrial product.

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